“You know your street better than us, so tell us”

We want to find all the empty homes in Liverpool, with your help.

We want to map all the empty homes and get people living in them as  soon as possible.

So we need your help.

Here’s how.

Next time you walk up and down the street where you live, see which homes are empty and tell us their addresses.

And tell us which of these 3 categories each empty home falls into:

  1. Looks good, like it could be someone’s home again pretty quickly
  2. Looks like it might need a fair bit of work
  3. Looks like it needs loads of work

Also, if you’ve any idea who might own it, tell us.

Tell us on Facebook:

Or tell us on this website’s contact page:

But tell us and let’s get these empty homes lived in again.



Coming Home is a new social enterprise created to help bring the 9,000 empty homes in Liverpool back into use, and turn them into secure, well-maintained homes, let to people at a fair rent. People may have inherited a house, or moved out of one, but don’t have the money or resources to get it ready to rent it out. That’s what we’re here for.

We’ve just finished a home in Walton and will next be working on 18 homes in Anfield. But we also want to find all the other empty houses in Liverpool to work on and turn into homes again. We’re getting help from all kinds of people, including estate agents, teams in the council and our own friends and advisors. But to crack this we really need your help, because you know your own street best.

Jayne Lawless and Ronnie Hughes,
Coming Home Liverpool



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