Ronnie Hughes and Jayne Lawless are Coming Home Liverpool. Along with their teams of builders, decorators and tradespeople, they take on the restoration and rent of empty homes in Liverpool.

Ronnie Hughes has spent a lifetime working with people. Housing – and the desire to give people a decent home – was one of his first loves, after Liverpool Football Club and The Seekers. He first worked in housing more than 40 years ago and is one of the city’s most trusted and respected experts on homes and communities. Most recently, he has had a hand in the successful redevelopment of the Granby Four Streets and has worked with social enterprises, locally and nationally, large and small.

Jayne Lawless is an artist. She has worked and exhibited nationally and internationally, and been shortlisted for the Liverpool Art Prize. Her work has a highly collaborative element, and has involved communities in the UK and Eastern Europe, including Poland, Hungary and Slovakia. Working on the Ghost Mural project, she became part of the early days at Homebaked, focusing on saving the Anfield bakery and its surrounding high street from demolition. The demolition of her childhood home in Everton – charted through her collaboration on the 2016 film Without These Walls – stirred a strong reaction about the concept of identity and belonging created by homes and communities.