Coming Home was created to help bring the 9,000 empty homes in Liverpool back into use, and turn them into secure, well-maintained homes, let to people at a fair rent.

Our job is two-fold; we support communities by stopping empty homes becoming a problem, and we firmly believe that people have a right to a home where they feel safe and secure. A home where you can plan for the long term and afford to pay a fair price for the rent, allowing you to build a life and do other things you want to, too.

The homes we take on are dotted around the city – there is no set size or area; each is different.

We believe passionately that homes are for people, not profit, and we never set our rents according to the maximum housing benefit our tenants can claim. We think that spending the majority of your income on paying your rent is unfair and unsustainable.

Our residents all have long term tenancy agreements, which means you have the right to live in the house indefinitely. You don’t have to plan in stretches of six months or a year; it is your home.

What’s the catch?

There really isn’t one… our income comes from charge we make to homeowners. That pays our wages, and allows us to reinvest in the next empty homes we find. The homeowner gets a house that is well maintained and – once they’ve paid the price of the refurbishment – a rental income from something that was previously sitting empty. The community gets a good neighbour, and doesn’t have to worry about the house in its midst falling into disrepair, and you get a good home, at a fair rent.

Why are we doing this?

We’re doing this because we believe in it, and we think we’ve found a way to create a win-win situation. And we’ve secured investment, because other people think we could be on to something here, too. The problem at the moment is a lack of choice, so we’re here to provide an alternative.

Good-quality homes

All the work done on your home will be carried out by teams of skilled, qualified tradespeople, that we’ve selected and have worked with before. Because we’re careful to match people with homes, we will involve you as much as possible, so you get a say in how your house looks and feels. We want it to feel like home from the day you move in.

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